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Managing Your Own Property Leases – The Responsibilities

Maintenance works outside the property and in communal areas

Providing insurance for yourself and to all leaseholders

& Collecting ground rent. 

Depending on your skills, organisation and how many properties you are leasing, managing them can not only be very difficult, but also very stressful. Indeed what is important to remember should you choose to manage your leases, is that you will be responsible not only for those managing aspects which you are well versed in but equally those which you are less comfortable with, whether that is collecting rent or repairing the outside.

Family homes have our maintenance team, and have built great relationships with external building, accounting and soliciting companies over our 25 years in business. With this in mind, Family Homes can offer a quick response time with regard any maintenance your property may require, and at a great price too, with access to cheaper prices from companies such as Travis Perkins and Jewson’s.


Family Homes - Lease Property & Freehold Management

We understand the difficulties that landlords face when dealing with the various and complicated aspects of a ground rent portfolio. Rent collection can be a complicated, time consuming and a sometimes unrewarding process to recoup what may only be a small sum of ground rent from a large number of leaseholders. All this will simply create disruptions to your daily business. What Family Homes offer is to relieve you of this and assist with day to day management.

That said, we feel strongly about enabling our clients to delegate these challenges whilst retaining full control of the direction and major decisions affecting the management of the property. This trust and confidence is built on our years of experience working in property management. So leave all the ground work to us and we’ll leave it to you to reap the benefits. Is that a deal? Call 01795 47 34 34.

These are just some of the groundwork’s that we will manage:

Researching and buying the appropriate insurance

Repairing the property inside (that is the individual flats for example) as well as outside and communal areas.

Coordinating amongst the tenant involved in your lease to organise larger scale works, like roofing.

Collecting ground rent     

Deal with all the financial aspects, that is providing a clear estimate of anticipated annual expenditure, collecting, holding and managing funds, as well as preparing accurate and timely finanial reports.

Appoint and oversee the activities of reliable property maintenace work]

Obtain quotes, and order building and other insurances

Respond to residents concerns and queries.





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