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Family Homes – How we help landlords manage their commercial property

Often commercial leases can be long term and complex, but when handled with experience are equally very rewarding. Here at Family Homes, though our company name would suggest otherwise, we are equally as experienced at preparing commercial leases as residential leases; and we want to help you. From shops and offices to storage facilities and garages, Family Homes have your commercial lettings covered.

With commercial leases typically spanning 3, 5, 7 or even 20 years it is crucial that you get it right first time without any hiccups. From this perspective, it is worth remembering that, any signed tenancy agreement drafted and signed by Family Homes is strengthened by over 25 years’ experience in this field. With such experience you can be sure that Family Homes have the knowledge to negotiate both landlords and tenant’s concerns in order to produce a suitable result for both parties.

Since 1989, Family Homes have learnt that, if managed correctly, neither the landlord nor tenant need have much involvement in the tenancy at all. Instead you can feel comfortable to pass on the hard work to us. Whilst the tenant has the reassurance of a lengthy agreement providing a secure base for your business to grow, the Landlord, by law, has stronger powers to terminate the lease in the case of a breach of agreement, in comparison to a residential tenancy agreement.

Though we are more than happy to at your request, we typically avoid involvement of a solicitor for tenancies lasting 6 years and less. As well as being able to draft, agree and sign an equally suitable tenancy agreement ourselves in house, primarily our concern is that we feel it is important for you to be able to put as much money into your new business as possible; this is just one of the ways we will help you do that – saving the somewhat unnecessary cost of solicitors.

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