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Landlord insurance serves to protect landlords during circumstances in which they are prevented from using their property to earn an income. This includes legal disputes with tenants, and the costs of repairing, or rebuilding, damaged properties.

There are three main elements:

Landlord building insurance

This insurance will cover any payments needed to restore a property that was damaged by an insurable risk, such as a flood, fire or gas explosion.

Landlord contents insurance

The contents insurance covers the costs of replacing, or repairing, furniture and fixtures such as carpets, kitchenware or electrical items.  If you are letting a furnished property and don’t want to run the risk of having to pay to replace expensive items in the event of a fire, flood, etc. landlords’ contents insurance is vital. 

Please note: This type of policy will not cover your tenants’ belongings, they will need to take out their own contents insurance to cover their furniture and personal effects. 

Landlord liability insurance

Landlord liability insurance covers landlords when they are held accountable for an injury of a guest or tenant. So bearing in mind that personal injury claims have soared in recent years, this insurance might save you a money in the long run.

Additional features

Some landlord insurance policies may include additional features and optional extras.  These might include:

Rental guarantee insurance

This will protect landlords against a loss of income due to unreliable tenants that haven’t paid rent. This insurance also covers rental incomes when the property is empty between tenancies.

Legal expenses cover

If you were to have a legal dispute with your tenant, insurance would have you covered.

Home emergency cover

This covers the cost of any emergency repairs needed to your property’s supply of gas, electricity, heating or water.

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