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Harassment and anti-social behavior take various forms. It can be very unpleasant and affect your quality of life. You should not have to put up with anti-social behavior and have every right to complain. 


Tenants’ advice – Harassment and Anti-social Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is persistent behaviour that causes harassment, alarm or distress.  It can take many forms, ranging from noisy dogs to graffiti, verbal abuse to violence.  The key to remember is that the behaviour must be persistent for it to be classed as anti-social.  An insignificant disturbance or a one-off disruption does not constitute anti-social behavior.

To prevent disturbance to your neighbours, tenants need to consider their own behaviour and that of their guests.  If your landlord receives complaints against you, they may consider taking action that could result in eviction if no steps are taken to improve your behaviour.

Anti-social behaviour may not only be committed by your neighbors.  Tenants have the right to enjoy their home peacefully and comfortably.  Landlords must not harass their tenants.  Some example behaviour that could be classed as harassment includes entering your home when you are not there or without your permission (except in an emergency), visiting your home regularly without warning, or removing access to services such as gas, electricity or water.  If you feel that you are being harassed by your landlord, you should keep a record of any harassment.

Tenants reporting anti-social behavior and harassment

·       If you have anti-social neighbours you should try talking to them in the first instance.

·       Your neighbours may not realise that they are causing a disturbance and a simple conversation could put a stop to their anti-social behavior.

·       If you are not able to resolve the issue between yourselves, you could complain to your landlord; they may have a policy and procedure for reporting anti-social neighbors or tenants.

·       Unfortunately, your landlord will have limited powers and will rely on public bodies, such as the local authority and the Police, for enforcement.

·     However, they should help to support you in solving the problem.

Your local authority is the best place to report noise, unruly dogs, and pollution such as waste.  With regards to noise, they are able to serve a Noise Abatement Notice to legally stop the nuisance.  Contact the Police in order to report a criminal offense, such as assault, criminal damage, and hate crime.

For further assistance with anti-social behaviour, you could seek advice from the Citizens Advice Bureau.  They should be able to point you in the right direction, including towards community mediation services.

How Family Homes tenant advice service help’s those renting in Sittingbourne

Family Homes are letting agents with offices in Sittingbourne.  We have been in business for over 30 years and are the leading and largest independent specialists in property lettings and management in the area. If you are a tenant of Family Homes and are concerned about harassment or anti-social behavior, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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