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Rent Collection can be a time consuming and a sometimes complicated task. Both local and overseas landlords can find it very tough ensuring payments arrive on time. In addition to ensuring that properties are let and dealing with the demands of tenants and housing legislation, it can be very difficult and frustrating to maintain efficient rent collection systems for smooth cash flow. We understand this better than anyone

At Family Homes we offer a complete rent collection services to our landlords. No matter where you live we will take care of your property rentals. We will ensure your rent is collected regularly and without hassle! Our team of Property Managers are fully experienced in handling all rental issues, they are professional and efficient and work to ensure landlords receive payment from their tenants. Even if you live abroad we will transfer the money to you safely and reliably and give you peace of mind!

To register now please call us on 01795 473434 and ask for one of our Team dealing with Rent Collection Services

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